What we do

Chronicle Software is based in the U.K. and has ten full time and part time staff around the world. We have been trading since February 2013. As well as our open source products, we offer:

  • consulting
  • training
  • bespoke software development

About us

We are a small team Java developers with over 40 years experience combined, mostly in finance.

We are based in the U.K. with clients and developers in Europe and the east coast of the USA.

Peter Lawrey
Peter has specialised in low-latency Java for more than five years, designing, developing, and supporting systems for hedge funds, investment banks, and trading houses.

His blog “Vanilla Java”, has had over 3 million hits, and he is the founder of the Performance Java User’s Group. He is 3rd for Java on StackOverflow, and has the most answers on Java Performance.
Peter is an Australian, living near London.

Peter has over fifteen years of experience in tuning high performance systems, including ten years tuning financial systems.  Peter has a popular Java blog Vanilla Java which has received two million hits in the last eighteen months.  He has an open-source high-performance logging, parsing, and messaging solution, Java Chronicle, which is designed to support millions of messages or events per second with latency of less than one micro-second.

Peter’s favourite trick at the moment is improving the benchmark performance of a system without changing the system or its code.  This can be done by improving the quality of the benchmarks.  The improvement can be as much as ten times.  If the system still needs to perform better, the code and the hardware can be examined and improved.

Rob is a Java developer with 20 years experience, mostly working on trading and pricing systems for investment banks.

Rob started developing software commercially in 1994; he predominantly developed C++ applications for Apple Mac. Rob moved to programming Java in 1997 when the language was in its infancy. At the age of 26, Rob was promoted to a management position; and was responsible for a team of 10 people, focusing on developing applications for the financial industry.

In 2005 Rob took a year out, for solo world travel, visiting 14 countries in Asia and South America.

Since his return; he’s been working as a Java contractor, mainly for investment banks focusing on trading and performance critical pricing systems.

See Robs blog http://robsjava.blogspot.co.uk

Rob Austin

Chronicle (Enterprise Edition)

We provide an enterprise data grid, and support agreement based on our opensource products; this is charged on a per-data-grid basis.

This covers all systems which are peers, and downstream of this data grid.  We want to avoid the per-node, or per-processor, pricing model which penalises companies for improving the performance of their applications.  We feel per-node models stress horizontal scaling unduly, as this is the best way for vendors to make more money.

Chronicle Software want you to be able to scale freely, and always have the best possible performance.

The road ahead

Our existing products are designed around being as fast as possible.  They are more than ten times faster than similar products (open source or commercial).  We have put significant effort into making these products fast. Now we are going to put and equal effort into making them really easy to use.

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